Mr. Perfectly Lonely

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So, here’s the thing about Chris: he’s perfectly lonely.

As in, he is never actually lonely because he has plans every single night of the week… and undoubtedly has a rolodex of women that will come to his co-op any night of the week. And totally no judgment on him, (you go girl,) but I am at an age where I cannot change people and do not want to change people.

Chris is super happy bopping around the city, having 10 unread texts from unnamed numbers, and who am I to expect all of that to change? Not that he is even 100% my type, but all of this made me not want to give him a wildcard chance. Did I mention that one of these unnamed, unanswered texts referred to him as “babe”… Like, you’re on the “babe” level and you don’t even have her name saved in your contacts???

He is not a baddd guy (that I know of at least,) but this is just who he is. He’s 35, and this is the lifestyle that he has become accustomed to. And even though he is open to marriage and kids, my Spidey Sense tells me that he is the type that would eventually get restless. He texted me right after our first date saying that he really “liked” me, but I’ve also been told “I love you,” and that ended in flames. So why would I put any emphasis on “like” in a world where “love” means nothing? On top of that, if you can’t watch one movie without checking your texts on a second date, then you aren’t it.

So… goodbye John Mayer to be. 

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