In The Beginning

Cherry blossoms in Prospect Park

Butterflies on a Friday night

Sharing stories, over chilled Sancerre

Holding hands, gliding on ice

Wedding plus ones, tickets booked

The 7 train, taking me straight to you

Our corner, where I knew you’d be waiting for me

Green eyes, with flickers of a boy who wasn’t broken

You gave me the key to your place, I gave you the key to my heart

That’s how it was in the beginning

-Audrey Aveline Tung

Thoughts: Often times once a relationship (or friendship) ends, it’s hard to remember the good times that you shared with someone, and why you fell in love with them in the first place. At least for me it’s just easier to entirely erase all memories and have gaps in my timeline, rather than reminisce and ponder about the past. But sometimes my mind, without permission, will take me back to a time and place that I have tried to erase but can’t.

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