My First Kiss

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Story Time: Young and Sweet. Only 17.
September 2009

I needed a few weeks to regroup after my last post, but now let’s take a pause and rewind to a lighter time in my life- when I was 17. Being 17 is the epitome of innocence, liveliness, and hope. 17 was a special year for me because I was in my last semester of high school, as well as my first semester of college. Even though I attended NYU and I am from Queens, NYU’s campus in the West Village seemed like a far away land filled with new, magical adventures. 

In many ways, I was not your average 17 year old entering college. I had never drank before, never had a first kiss, and had only had my first date a few weeks prior to starting college. So you could definitely say that I was extremely sheltered and unaware of how anything worked. 

During NYU’s Welcome Week, I was at an orientation session at Madison Square Garden, and happened to sit next to a boy- let’s call him Brandon. Brandon was for sure a little dork, but as I said, male attention was new to me and I took it as a sign that out of thousands of people, I ended up sitting next to him. So of course we started texting and hanging out, and even though he was not my type, he was a really sweet and charismatic young man. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, Brandon casually asked me what I was up to that weekend and I said that I wasn’t sure because my roommate was going away. I meant that I didn’t have any plans because I would probably have just been hanging out with her, and I didn’t think anything of it. 

You can imagine the look of surprise on my face that Friday night when I got a knock on my door and saw Brandon standing there with a duffle bag. He confidently walked into my dorm room as I’m sure I just stood there confused AF. We hadn’t made plans, and he didn’t even tell me that he was coming over. After a few minutes I finally realized that he thought I was inviting him over for the weekend because I mentioned that my roommate was away… That was obviously not what I meant, but okay, I guess I was about to have my first boy-girl sleepover.

At some point in the evening, I was laying on my bed with my head towards the foot of the bed. Brandon hovered over me and then kissed me upside down- Spiderman but horizontal style. I was once again caught off guard, and at first slightly aghast that he didn’t ask me for permission and just did it. Then again, he never knew that it was my first kiss and probably didn’t think too much of it. Whereas I had always expected to have my first kiss at the beach underneath the stars with fireworks going off in the background (or at least facing and seeing the other person.) Did I watch too many Disney Channel movies growing up? Hmmm, probably haha. But now I look back fondly on these memories, and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And that was the extent of what happened that night- I was definitely not planning on losing my V-card and having my first kiss at the same time! As if! 

In case you were wondering, Brandon and I did not work out in the end. Not long after that night, I became interested in another classmate- let’s call him Kyle. Oh boy, did the whole Kyle situation really teach me a hard thing or two about life, friendship, and dating. I promise, you will hear all about Kyle in a later flashback post. But as for Brandon, last I heard he had gotten married and had a baby back in his hometown so I assume and hope that he is doing well. Thank you Brandon for being such a sweet kid and for the memorable first kiss.

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