Stop This Train- Late 20’s

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Thoughts on: Late 20’s
August 2020

There’s something about being in your late 20’s that just hits you like a ton of bricks. Mental sanity hangs by a very thin strand, and emotional stability is a thing of the past. For everyone who does not know, John Mayer is my absolute favorite male artist, and despite how he may be portrayed as a result of his peppered dating history, he is a lyrical mastermind. When I went to his summer 2019 concert at Madison Square Garden, he reflected on his 20’s and how amazing it was until he hit 27. Then everything felt like it was crumbling around him, which is exactly how I felt the second that I turned 27. That’s when he wrote “Stop This Train”- the song that I have identified with the most in my late 20’s. “So scared of getting older, I’m only good at being young” is literally me as I write this blog post. 

Late 20’s are filled with anxiety because it’s when you had expected to have life completely figured out by. An age where you thought you’d have the perfect job, the perfect partner, and the perfect plans for the rest of your perfect life. When I was 16, I seriously thought that I would be married by 26, have kids by 30, and live happily ever after in a little bubble that would never pop. When and how I got that thought into my head?, I have no idea. The sheer expectation of a timeline, nonetheless one that is 5 years earlier than the average age for marriage in NY, definitely set me up for failure. But John Mayer gives me hope because he said that once he hit his 30’s, he instantly felt more settled and calm about life. I still have about 450 days left before I turn 30, so until then I’ll have to just stay on this train and hold on for dear life. 

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