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Hi! I’m Audrey- a late 20’s Manhattan dweller trying to navigate life, dating, the pursuit of happiness, and sharing all of the feels along the way. Therapy can get expensive, and sometimes you don’t want to hear your friends say “I told you so,” hence this blog was born.

These poems are all based on specific moments in my life and actual thoughts and emotions that I had- the good, the bad, and the very bad. Thanks for joining me on my adventures of dating in NYC. Hold on to your hats.

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About Me

-Born in Olympia & raised in Queens
-Avid unprofessional chef- check out my cooking blog
-White wine connoisseur- please pass the Sancerre
-Passion for traveling and cardio (endorphins abound)
-Enjoy writing, blogging, and talking about feelings to anyone who will listen